Global Mindset Coaching

Helping build the bridges that connect cultures, organisations, teams and people

We deliver coaching and training in global leadership skills and marketing competencies to business owners, managers and executives of companies trading in national and international marketplaces.

We work with enterprising companies who recognise the value of enhancing their relationships with customers and trading partners within the UK and across borders. My clients understand that in a global marketplace, their competitive edge depends upon key personnel being able to work easily and comfortably within and across different cultures. That is where my expertise comes in.

Our approach

  1. Diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of teams and their job function as a whole.
  2. Design learning programmes focused on solving your real business challenges.
  3. Engaging, high-quality coaching and training through workshops, behavioural profiling, interactive exercises and practical learning.
  4. Launch of support and engagement programmes.
  5. Evaluate impact on team performance and return on investment in learning.

We offer…

  1. Bespoke coaching with individual business owners, managers and executives working nationally and internationally. Together we work to develop the leadership and communication skills required to enhance intercultural competencies to build and enhance successful trading relationships and to communicate effectively both within and between organisations with different cultural backgrounds.
  2. Training workshops for teams within companies, corporates and SMEs and universities to raise their awareness of intercultural differences and teach essential communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
  3. Team-building with staff within international companies to understand and work through the real-life intercultural challenges that they need to resolve.

Find out more…

If you are seeking business success in international trading relations, or have senior managers, executives or team members who need to appreciate cultural differences and resolve communication challenges constructively, we can help.