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bizz buzz Newsletter – Summer Edition

by Marina Ibrahim, bizz buzz on 27/06/2012

Hello and welcome to my early Summer edition newsletter!

The year seems to be moving at lightening speed and here at bizz buzz HQ things are as busy as ever.

I have lots of exciting news, projects and wisdom to share with you and I hope you find this newsletter thought provoking and would love to hear your feedback.

Warm Regards


(For more information, please contact me on 07958 629 220 or email

Learning a Language means Business!
I am supporting businesses to improve their German language & intercultural communication skills.
These companies have committed themselves to a language strategy as part of their ‘Business Development Through Export’ strategy. Learning the language and culture of your overseas’ target county can assist businesses in increasing their sales turnover. Your brand and your business is being understood more clearly and will lead to quicker market penetration and return on investment in the territory you are trading with. In business the understanding of different cultural manners and nuances as well as the ability to converse with your customers is equally important. Find out more about how I can help you enhancing your language and intercultural communication skills for your success, click here

Lecturing at London Business College
Undertaking guest lectures at the European College for Business and Management in London. The College offers internationally recognised academic degrees such as Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration and Professional Development Programmes. In my lectures I cover topics from Customer Service to Leadership Development and Management Skills. The course participants are German professionals studying alongside their full-time employment. Having gone through the same experience myself, I feel enthused about helping them to enhance their business, communication and intercultural skills to be successful in their careers.

How exciting: I became host of two monthly Jelly Events
Last month I have launched Ludlow Jelly at the Assembly Rooms. Due to its huge success I will also launch a Jelly in Tenbury Wells this month. These monthly co-working events are for homeworkers, freelancers, small business owners and office based people who want a change of environment. Jelly is a mixture of work, chat, sharing ideas, helping others with business issues, passing on tips and even collaborating on the birth of a new project. Click for more info

Cross-cultural Competency For Enhanced Team Productivity
Research has shown that 60-80% of international mergers fail because the companies involved do not prepare themselves to deal with cultural differences.
One of my recent commissions was to deliver a cross-cultural competency training for the largest transport group in Europe, Deutsche Bahn and Arriva Trains. This was to support their teams in adapting not only their two national but also their organisational cultures. Gaining cross-cultural awareness can have a positive impact on varied aspects of communication, management and decision making styles, attitudes towards risk and other aspects of working successfully in international teams.

DiSC® Coaching & Training Solutions
In today’s working environment understanding the behaviours of team members and their managers, is more important than ever…
I enhance my coaching and training with the Everything DiSC® profiling model to unleash your potential and improved communication.
So what is the DiSC® model?
It is a powerful and highly sought-after behavioural profiling tool. It helps people to understand why they behave as they do and shows them how they can adapt their behaviour in order to build better relationships with others. The DiSC® model provides a non-judgemental common language for exploring behavioural issues and solving a range of issues such as:
* Leadership development
* Management development
* Team development
* Sales effectiveness
* Conflict resolution
* Improved communication
With over 30 years of proven reliability and over 50 million users worldwide, Inscape’s DiSC® solutions remain the most trusted learning instrument in the industry. This is due to rigorous, continuous product research and development as well as a focus on creating effective training and coaching solutions for the most pressing issues faced by organisations today.

Upcoming Events
“Fight the Procrastination Thieves” Productivity Workshops
Please click the link for dates and venues

Ludlow Jelly Co-Working Events. Every 1st Tuesday of the month

Tenbury Jelly Co-Working Events. Every 3rd Tuesday of the month

Fight the Procrastination Thieves (Productivity Workshops)
Overcome isolation – Get talking to people – Increase your sales!

Are you a freelancer, home worker, a small/micro business owner? Are you procrastinating about things that you know are important for your business?
Are you putting off networking, generating sales leads or making phone calls that could potentially generate more business for you?
Then this workshop is for you!
Too often do we hold ourselves back from true success because we’re afraid of what other people might think of us – and Too we have always been told not to blow our own trumpet and to keep ourselves small.
We’re so terrified of moving forward that we literally can’t get out of our own way! To book your place:

What comes first, the compass or the clock?
Let me share this with you:
“Before one can truly manage time (the clock), it is important to know where you are going, what your priorities and goals are, in which direction you are headed (the compass).
“Where you are headed is more important than how fast you are going. Rather than always focusing on what’s urgent, learn to focus on what is really important.”
Perhaps you would appreciate some help in regaining focus? Then let my workshop “Fight the Procrastination Thieves” be the compass for you!

As an accomplished Marketing professional I have knowledge of the German markets. This means I translate and adapt English marketing litereature including press releases, brochures, presentations, etc. for German-speaking target markets. I have done so successfully for various sectors including manufacturing, health, digital media and training sevices.

Expatriate Coaching
I get a lot of satisfaction in my work coaching German professionals (Expats) who either want to launch their career into the British market or who have already established themselves in the UK and wish to progress within their career. This is because I have made the journey myself and I know all about the challenges involved and I can equip them with the tools and confidence they need for them to be successful.