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Intercultural coaching for managers, executives and professionals

Marina Ibrahim - cross-cultural coach

With increased competence and confidence, your managers and executives will build better intercultural business relations, grow your business and deliver successful results.


Intercultural coaching enables individuals to:

  1. Be consciously aware of their own cultural identity and core values
  2. Appreciate the differences between cultures and the dimensions which influence communication, behaviour and etiquettes
  3. Recognise and respond to ‘culture shock’ and ‘culture clash’ in a positive and constructive manner
  4. Identify potential barriers, frustrations and challenges when working across cultures
  5. Develop approaches for dealing with challenges, including fall-back strategies if initial difficulties are not immediately resolved
  6. Create a Personal Action Plan to get the most from intercultural business relationships or work experiences
  7. Build core, self-empowering, transferable skills that will serve them for years to come
  8. Receive confidential advice, mentoring & support

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If you have senior managers, executives or team members who need to appreciate cultural differences and resolve communication challenges constructively, coaching can make the difference you need.

Call me on +44 (0) 7958 629 220 or email marina@bizz