'Just-in-Time' Coaching

Are you ...

experiencing overwhelm?

struggling with making decisions?

Finding it hard to keep focused?

managing across different cultures?

Don't want to invest in a full face to face coaching programme at the moment

'Just-in-Time' Coaching Support

for International Leaders & Manager


Whether it is on a strategic or on an operational level, the often the volatile, fast paced, complex and unprecedented and international business challenges can stop us in our tracks of being effective and the best leaders and managers we want to be. Experiences such as

  • Lack of control

  • Lack of clarity

  • Information overload

  • Miscommunication and stress

can lead to inactivity, indecisiveness, fear of making mistakes and procrastination. We are at risk in losing credibility and respect with our teams and within the organisation.

Time to act!

'Just-in-Time' Coaching can help you:

  • To see the wood for the trees

  • Learn to reflect situations from different perspectives, gain more clarity

  • Find practical solutions that help balance the demands between your own objectives and that of your stakeholders, be it your team, your colleagues, the organisation all across the international sites involved

  • Create or refine a clear action plan to effectively implement and delegate tasks and responsibilities

  • Feel encouraged, invigorated and confident in doing the right thing

what you get:

You will get 2 hours of uninterrupted time to talk through a challenge you are facing. Focus on your goals and in applying powerful questions, coaching models and tools, we will uncover your stumbling blocks, unleash opportunities and your growth potential and enable the change that is desired to move forward and create an action-plan.

Accountability support with regular check-ins ensure successful progress is made.

Options to book a selection of future coaching packages to suit your needs.