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Marketing Mentoring

Marina Ibrahim - cross-cultural coach

I help heart-centred and Creative Business Owners, Solo-Entrepreneurs and Freelancers from around the world to take charge of their destiny and create the wealth they want sustainably.





An independent pair of eyes and a fresh perspective from someone who has been there before you can provide invaluable benefit to you, and to your business. Coaching is a powerful personal and professional development tool and a partnership between two people that is based upon mutual trust and respect. Having worked with countless heart-centred and Creative Business Owners, Solo-Entrepreneurs and Freelancers from around the world I have identified three main reasons why the majority of them are struggling:

1. They lack the appropriate business and marketing skills to successfully run their business.

2. They often do not realize that their heart-centred and creative work can also be a prosperous business that makes them money.

3. They believe that it is not ethical to make a lot of money from heart-centred work and services.

I help heart-centred and female creative business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and freelancers from around the world to take charge of their destiny and create the wealth they want sustainably.

As your coach and mentor, I

  • Act as enterprise and growth enabler
  • Helping you to gain CLARITY, FOCUS and DIRECTION
  • Offer tools and development solutions
  • Challenge your assumptions

Altogether in a supportive, empowering and inspiring way.

I use my gifts of intuition, communication and creativity combined with knowledge of marketing, enterprise, strategy and coaching, wholeheartedly aimed at providing you with the cutting edge approach to run and grow your business successfully.

I help assess your present situation, define your business goals you aim at and create a strategy and action plan to bridge the gap and support you in getting there quicker than going all alone.

Here’s what a few of our clients say about me…

“The mentoring support has provided me with real support and forced me to evaluate where my business is and where I would like it to be. Often the things that you’re not dealing with are often the areas that need the most attention. In working with Marina I have been able to overcome some of the fears of these and have addressed them head on, allowing me to look at the viabilities within my business, as well as the areas that need to be left behind. I find myself now with clearer focus and clarity of direction and I would happily recommend Marina to anyone at a crossroads in their business!

“Marina is a business coach with an open mind and positive outlook. I have found her non-judgmental, yet realistic and she has enabled me to take a really hard look at the reality of my business. She has directed me with the encouragement that I needed to set goals and has in turn set tasks which have facilitated me in finding the answers. I have found that Marina’s intuitive nature enables her to get to the areas of issue quickly and her straight talking means that they’re addressed without fuss. I have really valued Marina’s time and input in to my business thus far and my hope is to continue working with her and to realise my goals.” (Sarah Kelly/Saloukee Jewellery Design)

“I went to Marina looking for help in putting structure behind my marketing. I know all the different tools that can be used for marketing but I was struggling to pull together a consistent approach to completing my marketing on a day to day basis. Marina helped me focus on who my customer was, pulling together a detailed profile of them. We then looked at all the different tools that I could use, evaluating each so I have a top 10 list of the avenues to focus on. Then finally we pulled together an ideas diary which helps with my marketing content. I am now able to write my full marketing strategy and to draw up a monthly, weekly and daily action plan for my marketing. 

Marina has helped by running through each step, allowing me to focus on doing my marketing in a consistent manner. This is hugely beneficial for my business and when I start to put into practice my daily actions over the next few weeks I am sure my business will start to grow. Thanks for your help during the mentoring sessions, it has been a massive help.” (Barbara Steadman/Another Gorgeous Day)

“I came to Marina for some mentoring around developing and marketing a new area of my existing business.
She is an excellent communicator and listener, helping me to unravel the tangle of ideas I had and gain clarity. A sounding board that allowed me to test out ideas and also offer some excellent suggestions and exercises to help me move me on. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.”
(Sarah Amatt/Thinking Freedom & Colour Mirror)

“Marina was great fun to work with. She is engaging, perceptive and able to digest lots of complex information and then ask pertinent reflective questions, which I found very helpful in framing my challenges and priorities and exploring a way forward. She produced lots of practical resources and set assignments between each session. I wanted to make the most of the series of sessions so took the assignments seriously and found them time consuming and challenging but extremely productive. I feel after just one month and 5 sessions with Marina I have shaped Creative Inspiration Shropshire’s strategic priorities, have the rudiments of a business growth plan and have the confidence to move forward with it. Thanks Marina!” Dr Jane Povey / Director of Creative Inspiration Shropshire CiC


Call me on 07958 629 220 for to find out more about my 1-2-1 Mentoring Programme for female entrepreneurs and business owners.