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Get some Marketing Magic into your business!

Marina Ibrahim - Cross-Cultural Coach and Trainer

Are you busy going in circles and not getting anywhere?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the super soclal media tools and can’t decide which one(s) to choose and works best for your business?

Do you want more clients, more sales, more profits?

Have you lost focus and direction?

You are not alone!

I know of so many more likeminded business women, who are experiencing similar challenges. This why I developed the awesome Marketing Magic Mastermind Club supporting ceative and dynamic female entrepreneurs and businesswomen, who want to grow personally and profitably.

The Marketing Magic Mastermind is based on the concept of mastermind group coaching, where we will be working together for the next 12 months starting on 21st October 2015. All monthly meetings are group coaching sessions (maximum of 6 per group), facilitated by me aimed to help you get Clarity, Focus and Direction and most importantly an ACTIONPLAN to follow through and being held accountable for. This is what you can expect:

  • Facilitated group coaching combined with
  • Exercises, reflective assignments
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Altogether to take time out and work on your business
  • Develop an action-plan and be held accountable for you to achieve your goals

Topics will all aligned with “Getting Marketing Magic into your business ” in mind:

Law of Attraction – Achieving Goals – Business Coaching – Finding your ideal Customers – Conscious Business – Abundance And Prosperity – Creating Your Own Reality – Money Mastery · Manifestation  – Spirit in Business

Your benefits:

  • Gaining control, taking in the whole picture, enabling you to clearly identify what you should be working on and why to become commercially viable and successful
  • Finding out, what you need to stop doing
  • Realising that running a business doesn’t need to be so hard
  • Putting a successful marketing structure and action plan together that fits with you and your business  
  • Working smarter to increase your profits without putting in more hours
  • Freeing up your time and take YOU out of the business
  • Having more time for other things in your life (and even take a ‘proper’ holiday!)

This is what clients say:

If you are interested to join my next group, please contact me on or 07958 629 220 to arrange a strategy session to find the most suitable solution for you.