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Intercultural Communication

Training workshops for teams within companies, not-for-profit organisations, colleges and universities to raise intercultural awareness and learn effective communication and challenge resolution skills.

General Culture Training Workshops

Most people are not familiar with this way of understanding their own environment; My general cultural training workshops enable them to consider fresh insights and useful new behaviours.

SPECIFIC Anglo-German Culture Training Workshops

In these specific cultural training workshops we explore the specific day-to-day interactions among people from UK and German backgrounds who need to collaborate on behalf of their employer(s). We explore both the observable and also the out-of-awareness values and behaviours present in both of these business-oriented cultures.  These workshops enable participants to develop new behaviours and acquire the practical skills they need for for productive interactions with colleagues and counterparts in an Anglo-German work environment.

Workshop Delivery

General culture training workshops can be delivered on a stand-alone basis.

However, if you need your UK employees and managers to be effective in their daily interactions with their German, Swiss and Austrian counterparts, then you will gain significantly more value, impact and lasting effect by investing in an initial General Culture Training workshop followed by a Specific Culture Training workshops for your team members.

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For more information team intercultural workshops, please contact me. Call me on or email marina@bizz