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DiSC Profiling

by Marina Ibrahim, bizz buzz on 09/03/2014

DiSC Profiling

Have you ever noticed?

  • Some people just wind you up and you don’t understand why
  • Some people just don’t ‘get you’ but others do
  • Some teams seem to ‘gel’ with little effort
  • Sometimes new team members fit right it and others either don’t fit in or can even be disruptive

By understanding what motivates other people’s behaviour and how they perceive your behaviour you can explain some of these things and also gain the insights to improve you interactions with others. In business this could provide a more productive workforce, increased sales, more effective mangers and stronger leadership; in short a better business.

DiSC profiling is a tool for assessing behaviour and providing insights into how to improve team working, management and leadership skills, increase sales, help with personal development, training and recruitment and more!

For more details about DiSC workshops, individual DiSC profiles and coaching, please call certified DiSC Coach & Trainer Marina on 07958 629 220 or email